Spongy Filter

Sponge filters are one very effective tool in properly managing the Balance (nitrogen cycle) of the fish tank.

  • My Sponge generates Bacteria A to break down deadly ammonia NO2 (highly toxic)
  • My Sponge will also generate Bacteria B to turn NO2 into NO3 (less toxic)

Reasons to use my sponge:

  • My Sponge last 3 times longer than other sponge filters in the market
  • My Sponge use no harmful materials (perfect for breeding tanks)
  • My Sponge density generates bacteria much faster than other products in the market

Efficiency of Sponge filters:

  1. Dimension of the body of the sponge is of great importance. The more surface area that is exposed to the water, the more effective it will be.
  2. The amount of water passing through the sponge is also a huge factor. Water laced with decaying organic material must come in contact with the sponge and the bacteria colony in order for nitrification to occur. Good circulation throughout the tank and into the sponge filter is essential.
  3. Keep the sponge, particularly the surface area clean by using freshwater (no tap water). If the pores of the sponge become blocked by particulate organic matter or algae, and the water cannot come in contact with the bacteria. If the sponge filter becomes overloaded by waste, a regular rinsing and water change regiment will relieve the burden.

Do you know……………..?
Fish waste in the form of ammonia, which must then go through the various stages of transformation by bacteria called the nitrogen cycle in order to be non toxic.

Nitrogen Cycle Basic
Bacteria that are often called nitrifies, break down the ammonium and covert it to nitrite, (which is toxic at high levels) and then another form of bacteria coverts the nitrite to nitrate, (a less toxic form of nitrogen).  Eventually nitrate is further broken down to harmless nitrogen gas that escapes through the water surface of the aquarium.

Sponge Filter Advantages in general:
Sponge material provides huge area of bacteria.
Compare to Gravel Bed:

2” diameter x 6” long sponge  =   gravel bed 1” x 36”


  • A spongy filter may be moved easily from one tank to another, and will work quickly if it was replaced in a well-established tank first.
  • Easy to protect the bacteria from medicating the tank by simply removing the sponge filter and returning it once the medication treatment is done.
  • Easy access with little disruption fish, especially Discus.
  • Easy to clean.
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