Super Angel’s Diamond 天子藍
Violet Reflection 紫藍
Blue Knight 老虎狗
Royal Blue Titan 泰坦藍
Super Blue Angle 藍天使

·         Almost transparent and only become blue color when growth to about 1.5cm long.

·         It looks very beautiful starting from 3 inches onward.

·         The scales of this discus will remain very fine even when the fish grow to adult size.

·         High fin high body as well as characteristic solid blue gill covers.


·         Hi Fin Hi Body.

·         Body color of violet when grow to about 3 inches.

·         A pair of red cherry eyes and easy to breed.

·         It could be grows to 18-20cm.

·         Solid blue with a very reflective body color and good body size and shape.



·         Hi Fin Hi body shapes with solid blue color.

·         The male could grow up to 25cm, female up to 20cm

·         Very masculine and the growth rate of this particular type of discus is very fast.

·         Exceptionally large in body size and therefore not easy to breed.

·         Another one of Wayne Discus shocking creative Discus.

·         The forehead is straight and high.

·         Able to see the pattern clearly on the head and tail.



·         The color feature is truly natural with the typical giant body size that is very representative of Wayne Discus

·         High fin high body with solid color and very deep blue color

·         High reflection

·         Easy to keep, good for the beginners



·         This variety has 20 years history already.

·         Giant body size and hi fin hi body.

·         Fine scale and high reflection, looks like a mirror

·         Little pattern on the body when they are small

·         Full color when they mature.


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