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Among all the ornamental fish, discus is often considered by fish hobbyists as the "King of Aquarium Fish".  Originating in the Amazon River Tributaries, discus has been transported all over the world for more than a hundred years.  Today, keeping discus is so popular that you can find discus lovers and breeders in Europe, America, East and South East Asia.

International discus shows are held annually, so that breeders and hobbyists can share their experience in keeping discus, as well as display and promote their most beautiful discus collections.  Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and France are a few of the many cities that have hosted these shows.  Discus is definitely one of the most popular aquarium fish in these cities.

Where do the many strains of discus come from?  How can a particular strain be improved?   Why are discus so prone to disease?  Most enthusiasts and breeders do not have all the answers to these questions.  While the owners are aware of the problems their discus may encounter, they have very little knowledge of the roots of the problems.   Without understanding genetic modification and the symptoms and causes of diseases, many discus keepers spend a lot of time and effort on their fish, but the results are still unsatisfactory.  The secrets of successful discus husbandry still lie in the ability to diagnose diseases, practice prevention, apply treatment accurately, and understanding the processes of genetic modification.

The major themes covered in this book include the creation and modification of discus strains, the techniques of raising healthy discus, and how to confront the complexities of disease.  It is the wish of the authors that this book will provide enough guidance to discus lovers, so that they can immediately raise quality discus.  The book contains references to theories of evolution, genetic principles, behavioural science and pathology.  More important perhaps, a number of successful discus breeders share here their valuable experience in the day-to-day care and breeding of the fish.

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